#WilderSzpilka! #JimGray! And A Christening?

The early rounds of #WilderSzpilka consisted of a little feeling out between both fighters and a whole lot of slap boxing. But once round four started, both fighters were able to find their range, land clean punches, and push the action.

Wilder landed the cleaner power punches and the crisper jabs, which caused Szpilka’s eye to swell. Once the fight started to reach the later rounds it caused Szpilka to take more chances. Taking chances usually leads to taking punches and taking punches from Wilder is a serious gamble. Gambling with Wilder pays in the form of pain and that’s exactly what Szpilka felt when he walked into a huge right hand that landed squarely on his chin.

The predominantly Polish crowd at Barclays fell silent as their man was stretched out on the canvas, motionless. In the end, Szpilka seemed to be fine as he exited the ring on a stretcher while motioning to the crowd.

However, to the surprise of many, #WilderSzpilka was only the first half of a co-main. The second half took place during Wilder’s post fight interview with Jim Gray. For some reason Gray thought it would be a good idea to hand Tyson Fury his microphone. Obviously it wasn’t. Or was it?

Wilder and Fury, with their faces touching, shouted at each other and both guaranteed they’re willing to go to the backyard of the other in order to make the fight happen. “You’re a bum,” Fury repeatedly said to Wilder. All Wilder could do was laugh as Fury took his spotlight on the night of his big knockout win. It seemed as if Fury’s big personality was too much for even the boisterous Wilder. Until he regained control of the mic and delivered the ultimate clap back. “I will baptize you,” Wilder responded. Mic drop! Or bomb drop in the case of Wilder.

And with that we have one of the most highly anticipated heavyweight matchups in years. If Fury can beat Klitschko again and Wilder can beat his next opponent, there’s no reason why Wilder and Fury shouldn’t meet at the end of the year or early 2017. The 6’7” Wilder vs the 6’9” Fury could result in the greatest exhibition of trash talk the world of boxing has seen in years.

Jim Gray, thank you. You have given us so many memorable post match interviews over the years and this one was right up there with your finest moments.