1. You can’t watch fighters who go more than :10 without throwing a punch.

A good fighter understands the economy of range and punches. Throwing punches when you’re out of range is unnecessary, and throwing punches unnecessarily isn’t necessary either. It seems pretty simple to understand. But, if you don’t, I get it, you hate boxing.

2. You hate fighters who go more than :10 without getting hit.

Defense is essential for any fighter who wants to have a long career in the ring and a healthy life once they decide to stop boxing. Since boxing is a combat sport and the object is to hit and not get hit, many fighters choose not block punches with their face. It seems like a simple concept to grasp. But, if you can’t, I get it, you hate boxing.

3. You have an aversion to fighters who jab constantly.


4. You find it hard to watch fighters who make winning look easy.

It’s hard to make boxing look easy and only a handful of fighters of the course of boxing history have had that ability. A fighter with this type of prowess should be lauded, or at least televised. But, you could care less. I get it, you hate boxing.

5. You root against fighters who duck punches thrown in their direction.


6. You think boxing is dead.

Everyone knows Floyd Mayweather was the highest paid athlete last year. He raked in over $300,000,000. If the highest paid athlete is a boxer, then it’s apparent the sport has life and possibly thriving even. It’s been said numbers never lie but you probably don’t subscribe to that theory since people who come up with them do. It’s okay, seriously, you just hate boxing.

7. You believe movement is just a form of running.


8. You only like fighters who have KO power.

Having a high KO percentage is always impressive. There’s nothing like watching a great fight and having it end in spectacular KO fashion. However, many of the best fighters win on points and use brains instead of brawn to get the W. If you don’t have the patience to sit through an entire bout, it may be because you’re a hater.

9. You can’t tolerate fighters with a defense first mentality.


10. You loathe fighters who throw no more than two punches at a time.

There are many fighting styles that are effective and some utilize punch efficiency in order to limit the opportunities their opponent has to counter. Nobody wants to get countered if they don’t have to get countered. Many fighters think about their safety first and that’s a good thing. If there’s no blood, you’re bored. I get it. Hi, hater!

11. You despise fighters who counterpunch constantly.


12. You like ‘fighters’ not ‘boxers.’

I never understood this so I don’t have much to say. However, in the immortal words of Brother Clayton Bigsby, “If you have hate in your heart, let it out!”