Finishing Blows: The Terence Crawford Five

Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford (27-0) is a great boxer and counterpuncher who isn’t afraid to exchange with his opponents. He has 19 KOs and can effortlessly switch between orthodox and southpaw. He’s not known as a knockout artist but he seems to knockout a lot of fighters. Good fighters. With both hands.



5. Alejandro Sanabria {TKO Rd 6}
Sanabria decided not to return to the ring after getting knocked out by Crawford and you can understand why once you watch it. Crawford is deadly with the right and lethal with the left. It’s not everyday you see a fighter do a somersault after getting punched.


4. Dierry Jean {TKO Rd 10}
Normally the bigger the name, the higher on the list it goes. In the case of Crawford vs. Jean, the KO wasn’t that spectacular. However, the overall performance was and the fact that he stopped a fighter who had never been stopped before is impressive. Jean is extremely talented but he talked a lot of trash before the fight and it probably got him in trouble.


3. Andre Gorges {TKO Rd 6}
‘Gorgeous’ Gorges is far from a household name but this KO comes in at number 3 because it was so devastating. You hate to see a fighter fall on his face, so turning this into a looping gif came with some reservations. But damn was that punch clean!


2. Thomas Dulorme {TKO Rd 6}
Coming into this fight Dulorme only had one loss and was on a six fight win streak. That didn’t make a difference in this one. Dulorme was able to land punches early but once Crawford got his timing down he started to lace Dulorme with big shots upstairs. Dulorme hasn’t been back in the ring since.


1. Yuriorkis Gamboa {TKO Rd 9}
A Fight of the Year candidate in 2014 that went from chess match to slugfest in a matter of a few rounds. The undefeated Gamboa tested Crawford’s chin on several occasions but Crawford showed he can bang, box, or brawl. Crawford dropped Gamboa four times, proving that the move up to 140 was too much for El Ciclón. This is all about Crawford but shoutout to Gamboa for putting in some good work.