Erickson ‘The Hammer’ Lubin is Headlining on Bounce

Photo Credit: Justin Machado



On Sunday, January 31, Bounce TV will play host to a PBC event headlined by Erickson ‘The Hammer’ Lubin (13-0, 10 KOs), a super welterweight from Orlando who signed with Al Haymon in 2015. In Lubin’s second appearance on Bounce, he will take on Jose De Jesus Macias (18-4-2, 9 KOs) from Mexico, who is fighting in the United States for the first time in his career.

With three days to go before his fight with Macias, we spoke to Lubin as he ran the treadmill looking to shed two more pounds before the weigh-in.

“I’ve seen, like, a good round with him and his last opponent, Barrera. He looks like a typical Mexican fighter,” Lubin said. Macias is coming off a SD lose to Alejandro Barrera and has a style tailor-made for Lubin. He doesn’t move his head very much, punches wide, and with 9 KOs in 24 fights, doesn’t carry a lot of power. In spite of that, he has a great chin and has never been stopped.

Macias (White Trunks) vs. Barrera (Black Trunks). Macias taking punishment from Barrera in their 2015 bout.

“He’s gonna keep coming forward . . . and it’s on me to dominate the fight, and not let him do any of that,” added Rubin, as he continued his cardio routine.

Lubin is a top prospect at 154 and it won’t be long before you hear his name in the conversation for a title. “If it’s me I’d fight for the belt right now, but . . . my team thinks I should wait until the end of this year,” maintained Lubin.

Lubin was in the ring just three months ago so expect him to be sharp and surgical with that left hand down the middle.

Lubin (White Trunks) vs. Lora (Black Trunks). Lubin snapping Lora’s head back with a straight left in their 2015 bout.