Dennis Galarza Is Focused For Samuel Amoako

We had the opportunity to talk with featherweight prospect Dennis ‘The Surgeon’ Galarza (11-1, 8 KOs) before his bout with Samuel Amoako on Bounce TV and he’s ready to get another victory. “I’m on weight as we speak,” said Galarza. As #TeamGalarza was wrapping up training camp, we caught up with the Brooklyn fighter while he was on the treadmill, running off weight he gained that day.



How was training camp?

Training camp was great. We’re back home, back in Orlando. It’s helped us a little bit more by motivating us and being around our families and having that support leading up to the fight.

Where have your training camps been in the past?

Within the past few years we’ve done training camps in Washington D.C. with the HeadBangers and we went to Colorado Springs with Sammy Vasquez. The majority of the camps we’ve had in Miami, down south.

Did you get good sparring at HeadBangers in D.C.?

Absolutely. We had so much work. We were in training camp with Raushee Warren, Adrien Broner, all the big Cincinnati fighters. So not only that, we had the D.C. camp with their work but we also had the Cincinnati fellas as well.  I’d say it was about 50 of us everyday at the gym.

I’m sure you learned a lot. What’s the difference between doing a camp in D.C. and a camp in Miami?

Absolutely. Coach Barry Hunter and Boogie in D.C., they have a different method of training than most trainers do and it’s honestly more of an only the strong survive. If you’re weak, you will be let out of the pack. But the work out there was amazing, we did two-a-days. Sometimes a month away from home gets your mind completely focused on a fight. That’s the thing, we was very young in our first few years of being pro and now we’re leading up to getting to our third year and it’s just been great. Now that we’ve got the mentality as professionals, we can make it capable to have the camp back home.

How was the sparring in Miami, was there good work out there?

It was absolute good work. We were sparring with Amir Imam, we were sparring with Yenifel Vicente, who just got knockout of the year against Juan Dominguez. I sparred with Claudio Marrero who had an outstanding knockout last year as well on PBC. We had so any guys come down because everyone wants to come to Miami.

Dope. That sounds like a great camp, so you’re ready to go?

I’m in shape, I feel great. The weight I’m running off now is the weight I put on today. Right now it’s just basically maintaining and getting your mind right for the fight, that’s all it is.