Finishing Blows: The GGG Three

Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin {34-0, 31 KOs} may be the best puncher in the sport and may be the most avoided. He applies constant controlled pressure and uses his adeptness at cutting off the ring with precision to stalk his opponents. GGG has spent his entire career at middleweight and may be forced to move up if he can’t find formidable opponents.


3. Marco Antonio Rubio {KO Rd 2}

Rubio failed to make weight for his fight with GGG but that didn’t stop Golovkin from flattening the veteran fighter in two rounds. Rubio, who had over 60 fights when he faced GGG, was considered a test due to his ring experience but proved to be one of many overmatched opponents to share a ring with Golovkin.


2. Matthew Macklin {KO Rd 3}

The body shot that wiped out Macklin was placed with perfection and rendered his legs useless. Macklin has never been considered a big puncher and spent the majority of the fight backing up as he tried to avoid Golovkin’s power shots. He showed resiliency during the short period of time he was in the ring but didn’t have enough weapons in his arsenal to get GGG’s respect.


1. Nobuhiro Ishida {TKO Rd 3}

Ishida isn’t a household name but has shared the ring with former champions and contenders. Most notably, James Kirkland, who he scored a second round knockout against in 2011. His KO loss to GGG was the first KO loss of his career. It was devastating.