Guillermo Rigondeaux Takes to Twitter: Your Move, Frampton!

He’s someone who I admire and obviously the TV channels don’t appreciate his style of boxing. They want to see blood and guts, and technically there’s nobody better than him in the world. It’s just the way he’s been treated by the governing bodies. I think he’s been unfairly treated. They’ve given Scott Quigg his title. I think it’s been unfair so you have to feel a little sorry for him.

Those are the words of Carl Frampton from earlier this year before his unification bout against Scott Quigg.

Do super bantamweights avoid Guillermo Rigondeaux? In the words of the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali, “Is the Pope Catholic?”

It’s a known fact nobody wants to fight Rigo if they don’t have to. Even Carl Frampton, who has been mandated by the WBA to fight Rigo after taking the WBA title from Scott Quigg, thinks Rigo is the man to beat. Now that Frampton has the title which rightfully belongs to Rigo, is he going to face him?

While speaking to iFL TV, Frampton said, “I’d be happy to fight him (Rigondeaux). I’ve said it all along. We need to meet as a team to decide where we’ll go from here. There’s a potential fight with (Leo) Santa Cruz at featherweight as well, which I could jump up to quite comfortably. There’s real options.”

Well, according to the WBA it’s necessary and now it’s up to Frampton to decide how he wants to proceed. While Frampton weighs his options, Rigo’s been using Twitter to get creative and bait the IBF and WBA super bantamweight champ into the ring.