#PBConFS1: Kevin Watts Impresses in TKO Victory


Kevin ‘Playboy’ Watts (11-0, 4 KOs) and Michal Chudecki (11-2, 3 KOs) came out slow and spent the first two rounds feeling each other out in a #PBConFS1 fight at the Robinson Rancheria Resort & Casino in Nice, California. It wasn’t until the end of round two when Watts received instructions from his corner to keep his left foot on the outside of his opponent’s right foot that things opened up for him allowing clean shots to land.

Chudecki, a southpaw coming off a big win against Louis Cruz, never got into a groove and barely used his jab as a weapon. The jab was merely a range finder that needed to be calibrated because Chudecki didn’t find a home for the big left hands he was looking to land down the middle. In rounds three and four Watts started to look more comfortable with each left hook that landed.

In round five Watts put together a combination that sent Chudecki falling into the ropes and onto the canvas. Chudecki made it to his feet and took several more shots that sent his head snapping back before the referee stopped the bout at the 2:10 mark of round five.

The California native, Watts, landed 67 of 187 punches thrown, while Poland’s Chudecki landed 26 of 122 thrown.