An Amateur on Deck: Brandyn Lynch

Since the age of four Brandyn Lynch trained in martial arts and earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 12. Fighting is a family tradition. Brandyn’s grandfather, Vernon Lynch, Sr. was a professional boxer and his father, Vernon Lynch, Jr. trained in martial arts and was an amateur boxer. “My grandfather, when he was alive, used to be a professional fighter and he always wanted me to box,” said the 25-year-old fighter. However, it wasn’t until after Brandyn graduated from college that he decided to seriously consider boxing as a career. “I watched boxing from a very young age but never wanted to try it because I was so into martial arts.” After receiving a combined B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising, he’s certain he has found his calling. “I box full time and it’s absolutely the love of my life for sure. I guarantee this is exactly what I’m made to do. I’m made to fight.” Brandyn is the first person in his family to earn a college degree and now he’s looking to become the first world champion.


AGE: 25

BOXING VS. MARTIAL ARTS: When people always ask me what the differences are I keep it short and just let them know there are certain habits. There are good habits you get from boxing, good habits that you get from MMA, and some of them just don’t cross over very well. There’s lower body striking going on in mixed martial arts or Tae Kwon Do and a lot of other stuff going on with the lower half of the body while boxing is up top. But there are a lot of habits you pick up from trying to block a low strike that are bad if you’re in a scrap with a boxer. They are both very different sports but I love the handicap of only having two tools in boxing and having to render your opponent worthless with just two tools.

SPARRING VANES MARTIROSYAN: That was my first professional sparring session. They threw me in the ring, gave me a shot, and I did amazing. Joe Goosen was shocked to say the least. And I got props from Vanes and ever since then we’ve been getting sparring sessions with guys like Shawn Porter, Shane Mosley, Chris van Heerden, Shane Mosley, Jr. and a bunch of guys. We just sparred with Terrell Gausha and Chris Pearson so we’ve been around the block.

LEARNING THE ROPES: Since I’m on the fast track, I’m 25 right now, I don’t have the time to stay idle in one spot. My dad and I travel a lot. We traveled to and fought in Vegas when we were part of Shawn Porter’s camp for Keith Thurman. We were out there for about seven weeks. We traveled to the Rock Boxing Gym, we traveled to Ten Goose Boxing, Silva Boxing-MMA out here in the Valley. We go to Wild Card. We’re all over, man. We go anywhere and fight. Last night we were just in Hawthorne fighting a guy, Brian True. That was our last sparring session. We have a big list of guys that we’ve gotten in contact with and that I’ve gotten to share the ring with and every opportunity you get to get in the ring is a learning experience for me. I’ve been doing very well with some top level athletes.

CAREER PATH: All that is definitely going to be up to my dad. It doesn’t matter who he puts me in the ring with, I trust him. That’s just the blessing of having my dad as my coach and manager. Whoever he puts me in the ring with, I don’t have to question it. If you put me in the ring with them he knows that I can beat them. We’re going to take it nice and smooth in the beginning and ease our way into things. We’ll get in the ring with the guys we need to and make our way up the ladder. We have a ten-year plan and I expect to be in and out of boxing in ten years. I plan to get all my accolades and all those kind of things in that ten-year span.

INSPIRATION: Two of my favorite fighters to watch currently are Vasyl Lomachenko and Terence Crawford. I think that those guys are some of the most versatile fighters in the game right now. Those guys are unbelievable. For somebody my size obviously I watch them and I want to copy and emulate a lot of the stuff they do but they are smaller guys. But I do what I can. My boxing style has a lot of Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones-esque, kind of mixture of speed and power. I can box and I can punch. I’m a lot faster than a lot of people my weight, even smaller weights.

DOWN THE LINE: I’m so focused on getting started. I don’t really know. All the future plans that far down the line are going to be left to my dad and my coach to consider. As soon as they see I’m ready that’s when we’ll go for that shot. Until then we’re going to rack up wins, get the experience we need and make sure when the time comes we’re prepared. Overly prepared.

DEFEATING CANELO: To beat somebody like Canelo it takes having a very good jab. Canelo likes coming forward, he’s an aggressive fighter, he’s got power in both hands, and he’s got pretty good defense. But I think Canelo fights a little bit square and he susceptible to a good stiff jab. If you can work behind that jab, you can outpoint and even hurt Canelo.

BEING A FIGHTER: I just have a warrior’s spirit since I was growing up that I got from martial arts. I don’t quit. That’s a direct correlation to growing up doing martial arts. It’s something that was instilled in me and it followed over into boxing for sure.

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