Ivan Baranchyk slugs his way to victory over Abel Ramos

Ivan Baranchyk (14-0, 10KOs) won a slugfest against Abel Ramos (17-2-2, 12KOs) via unanimous decision on ShoBox last night. The first two rounds Baranchyk, born in Amursk, Russia, was swinging wildly with power shots that connected with nothing but air. Ramos, the Arizona native, used his jab well and seemed to expose the one-dimensional offense and defensive ineptitude of his opponent.

Round three started with Ramos going back to his jab and countering the wild punches coming his way. He decisively won the first two minutes of round three and appeared to have the Russian figured out when a huge overhand right landed flush on his face, causing him to drop to the canvas. Ramos immediately rose to his feet with :30 remaining in the round and walked toward Baranchyk completely unfazed. Seconds before the bell sounded he connected with an uppercut that caught Baranchyk on the chin, forcing him to fall awkwardly.

The third round was unbelievable.

The following round didn’t disappoint either. Ramos dominated but was dropped when he stood in front of his opponent for too long trying to land. At this point it was obvious both men decided they weren’t willing to walk away without the victory.

The ensuing rounds were crowd-pleasers and both fighters took turns alternating between teeing off on each other and resting on the ropes. By round eight Ramos looked battered with one eye half-open, and Baranchyk was gasping for air.

Rounds nine and ten showed the incredible heart of both fighters and their insatiable desire to win. However, Baranchyk had a little more gas in the tank and sting on his punches. The judges had Baranchyk winning by wide margins (93-97, 92-97, 91-99), but the fight ebbed and flowed, and ShoBox delivered another FOTY contender. Abel Ramos didn’t win the fight but he won the fans with his ability to dish it out, and take it.